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Sugars comparison: refined (white), brown, "mascabado" / "panela" / "piloncillo"


Frequently, sugar contents is disguised with different names: sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose,... (fructose doesn't come from fruit, but from corn). All of them are highly processed chemical products should only be sold in hardware stores, not in food stores.

Refined / white sugar

Is very pure chemical product made in big industries with heavy thermal and chemical processes.

Brown sugar

If refined (white) sugar, tinted with molasses.

"mascabado" / "panela" / "piloncillo"

Dehydrated sugar cane juice without any additional treatment. The table below simply shows its clear differences with white sugar.

Comparative analysis of the composition of white sugar, "moscabado" and "panela":
Comparison white refined sugar mascabado panela
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