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Veterinary use (livestock, pets: dogs, cats,...)

In addition to the information contained in the book, there are some cases at the end of the survey of patients treated with sea water in Nicaragua (2009).(In Spanish). In format DIN A4. ( In format Letter, here).

Besides that, there are these studies from Nicaraguan universities (in Spanish):

Pictures and video of Uma (the case related in the book)

(female dog treated with sea water)

One month after being at the edge of death and being injected with sea water:

dog treated with sea water

Two months and a half later:

dog treated with sea water

Video (6 seconds duration)

In summer:

dog treated with sea water

cover of the book what will we do in heaven

The author has just published another book (in Spanish), entitled: "Qué haremos en el cielo" (What will we do in heaven), with the same simple language and more than 60 illustrations. You can download the PDF for free here or buy the book in Amazon.

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