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Sea water for herniated disks

There are people who have improved (for some time now) the condition of their hernias by drinking a glass of sea water a day. For those who want a faster solution, here let's explain the procedure.

Herniated discs that have not been operated on are treated with high success with subcutaneous injections of isotonic seawater, given to the area of the herniation (not in the same column, but between 5 and 10 cm from column).

herniated disk treated with subcutaneous injections of seawater

Sometimes after the first session the pain goes away, most cases in two sessions, and all in three sessions. This is what Dr Epineuze explains in his videos. (He applied 10 sessions so that they do not recur).

He injected 250 cc of isotonic seawater at each session.

Herniated disc In his videos, he explains that with seawater injections rehydrates the disc and this returns it to its normal size. A herniated disc is dehydration of the disc that causes it to shrink and / or move, oppressing the nerve that corresponds to this vertebra.

Often, from the first injection, even if it is a small amount (20 cc), there is an improvement.

The operated herniated discs do not recover so well.

You can find his videos on youtube, by searching for "Epineuze".

Long video

Short video

On this site a person tells (in French) how his herniated disc is healed with the same method as Dr. Epineuze (exclusively with isotonic injections of seawater), with very illustrative photos.

This is a website of a doctor who also applies the technique (in several European countries).

You can see on this page (in the Spanish version of this site) the step by step procedure to do it at home with very simple means.

On this site (in French) you can read testimonials (from people who bought sea water and had herniated discs).

Given the large amount of seawater that can be injected, it is essential to know Dr. Hamer's discoveries to correctly understand the possible effects, because sea water is a powerful remedy which can cause the beginning of the recovery process in other parts of the body.

cover of the book what will we do in heaven

The author has just published another book (in Spanish), entitled: "Qué haremos en el cielo" (What will we do in heaven), with the same simple language and more than 60 illustrations. You can download the PDF for free here or buy the book in Amazon.

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