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Drinking sea water for cancer

Effects produced by drinking sea water in people with cancer:

Everything explained here is based on Dr. Hamer's discoveries. All of this is further developed in the book "Drinking sea water".

Prestigious doctors recommend (in general) not treating cancer (see more information in this other article).

As prevention

Sea water helps us to be stronger and thus we accept life's difficulties faster and as a consequence we have fewer cancers (see footnote).

As treatment

If the person has received medication (chemo, radio, etc.), sea water, by detoxifying the body, reduces side effects and as a consequence the person feels better (chapter 13 of the book "Drinking sea water" is the narrative of a typical case of a woman treated with chemo and recovered quickly and completely).

An example that demonstrates this is a survey of women who dive after (breast) cancer, where they explain how well they are doing and how important diving is for them.

The original text is in DAN (Divers Alert Network), with statements as:

"I love the peace of mind and the open feeling when I dive"
"Diving is mandatory for my psyche."

and to a 12% of the women, diving reduced lymphedema.

(Divers are absorbing sea water through the skin, as any other cream or medicine we put on it).


We will actually have exactly the same number of cancers but they will be so small and the body will eliminate them so quickly that we will not even realize we have had them.

We are continually making and dissolving cancers. Cancer is not an error in the functioning of the body, it's a correct one. (This is also said by Dr. Juan Gérvas in some of his articles)(in Spanish).

The body is never wrong, we are the ones who make mistakes:

cover of the book what will we do in heaven

The author has just published another book (in Spanish), entitled: "Qué haremos en el cielo" (What will we do in heaven), with the same simple language and more than 60 illustrations. You can download the PDF for free here or buy the book in Amazon.

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